Webmail Services

Use Webmail For Business

Everyone knows that Gmail comes with (@gmail.com). Sometimes you may see the mail sent from an email address with the (@companyname.com). This kind of email is called “Webmail”. In this article, we will cover the following questions: Why do people use webmail? How can webmail help the business? Why should you use webmail?

  • ☑ You can create an email with your company name instead of using “@gmail.com”. Therefore, people will easily notice your company alongside your webmail address.
  • ☑ You can use webmail with the familiar “Gmail” interface.
  • ☑ Your customers can learn more about your products and services by visiting your created website from a given webmail address.
  • ☑ Good impression for your business
  • ☑ Emails can also be sent and received easily from any mobile devices
  • ☑ Can also be used with Workplace which is commonly used by businesses and organizations
  • ☑ Being able to show that you are a responsible person for the company