Web Design / Web Development

Myanmar Web Designer provides creative web design and professional web development services at affordable price. Since we can bring your ideal website to your real life in short time either which is in Myanmar theme or international theme, there is no doubt we got many happy clients.

Web Hosting

We provide Myanmar web hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Our web servers are lightning fast and secure. Moreover, professional supports are available at anytime by calling to our hotlines.

Web-mail Services

Using Gmail is bad for business because it is free and everybody can get it. Whereas webmail is dedicated for business matters and you can get with @yourcompanyname.com instead of @gmail.com. It is quite beautiful and impressive for your customer and thus gain more trust from them. Besides, you can get a free one web page along with this service.

Myanmar Web Designer is a creative web design and web development company which provide best web design service, web development service and result guaranteed SEO service in Yangon. Moreover we provide online advertising services (Facebook advertising, Google Advertising and Digital Marketing) and graphic design services (logo design, brochure design, pamphlet …).

It was founded in 2012, in Yangon. MWD has developed websites and provided other services for various kinds of company including travel & tours, hospital and clinic, construction, shipping, manufacturing, business consultancy, online shopping (eCommerce web development), restaurants, construction & engineering and so on. Our experienced web designers and web developers know how to produce a website that engages to users and visitors very well. We are currently managing over 700 clients' websites.

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Why should you work with us!

Our prices are estimated based on the service we provide to avoid overpricing yet we ensure our customers get more than what they paid for.
We have not only reduced the annual fee for website but also provide free website updates and support in return of long-term partnership with you and your business. A small expense for your website’s annual cost would not be a burden as well.
Even after you are satisfied with the website we created, we check it against over 30 website quality control criteria to ensure for you to get a better website than your competitors. Besides that, your website will be able to search through Google and other search engines and bring business for you. Therefore, if you work with us, you can be sure that you will get best quality website even if you don’t know a thing about website.
One of the most important thing is that you like your website because nobody knows about your business more than you. We, MWD, totally understand this and accept to and fro changes as you might want. Besides we are very responsive to your every messages and emails which is one of the main reasons our clients love us.
We made it super easy for you to manage and modify the website by yourself. As you will be able to modify your website's layout, background and colors easily, you would not be needing to ask us to modify your website and wait for it. Still, we are here if you want us to do it.

Website Pricing

Website pricing at a glance! Please visit our website price page for detail features and information.

Package No. of Pages Web mail CMS SEO Free Update Service
Basic Up to 10 pages 4 accounts Add-on Basic 4 times
Hybrid Up to 30 pages 8 accounts Yes Basic 8 times
Superb Unlimited 12 accounts Yes Basic 12 times
Earning Unlimited 12 accounts Yes Special 12 times
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